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Combining ultra-responsive acceleration, impressive maneuverability, and top durability, you get an unparalleled engine. Plus, the large displacement means it will barely break a sweat, all while being one of the easiest to maintain engines you'll ever own.

Mercruiser Sterndrives
Mercury Diesel Sterndrives 

Mercruiser Diesel


With a leading power-to-weight ratio, you gain up to 50% in fuel efficiency compared to gas engines for a long day on the water. Plus, its fuel-injection and intake systems virtually eliminate the noise, fumes, and harshness expected from a traditional diesel.

Mercury Diesel Sterndrives
Mercury Racing Sterndrives  

Mercruiser Racing


The perfect sterndrive for speed-seekers, these motors shift from pleasure to performance on a dime. Maximize torque and efficiency at any power level, ensuring your day on the water is filled with thrills. You’ve never felt sterndrive power like this.

Mercury Racing Sterndrives 

Mercury Sterndrive Engines

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Look no further for the answer to your propulsion needs. Mercury Sterndrive Engines are engineered to give you the best boating experience possible. With an extensive range of sterndrive models, inboards and tow sport engines, you don't have to settle for less when it comes to true power on the water.

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